With No Intent But To Clear My Mind

When my world – my selfish little narrow world – seems to be too much to handle

When relationships suffer, technology fails, your body aches, and your mind struggles

Count your blessings.


I have a boyfriend that loves me despite hardship, a computer that functions (most of the time), a body that can run (even if it’s only short distances), and a brain that works (after coffee).

But sometimes seeing the light is almost impossible when you stare at the dark. After being in my apartment all day dwelling on a bummer situation or two, I decided it was time to get up and out of this rut.

Today I am thankful for this beautiful city I call home, this time of day that comes every 24 hours, friends who listen to you vent and keep you in their prayers, a camera, and to know a loving God.

I’d like to think that I’ve trained my brain in a way to scan a scene and mentally form compositions. To look at something and find beauty that most wouldn’t see. But that mentality is discrediting where this way of seeing really came from. The Creator made my brain work in this quirky way, in unison with a camera, and I am so thankful that I can use that way of thinking to take a walk, clear my head, and find beauty in the mundane.