engagement session

Lora & Peter - Engagement Session

My very first destination engagement session, and boy is it my new favorite thing!

My dear friend Lora -let’s be real, I’ve never used her full name…LO- and I met just two summers ago when we lived and served at a Young Life summer camp in Northern California. With 17 of us in one house, we all became like family, and Lo instantly felt like a sister. Despite the distance between West Palm Beach and Dawn, we’ve remained close since our summer together. Before the ring was even on her finger, she asked if she could book a flight for me to West Palm Beach to photograph her almost-engagement.


I had to think about that offer for all of about..half a second, before I received a Florida flight confirmation and I was off to Target to buy winter gear (us in West Palm Beach are still wearing shorts in December). Not long after, I received another sweet surprise when Lo asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! Lo, I can’t wait to be standing next to you at your wedding!

Ok, enough about Lo and I, because clearly from the title and photos, that’s not who this post is about!

I distinctly remember giddy, whispering phone calls last December, when Lo would call me from her school library, waiting for this new love interest, Peter, to meet her at their special spot to “study”. They both attended a small, private University in West Michigan and had known who each other were for years, but never bridged the gap from acquaintances to anything more. On a snowy December night, Lora made her way into a brick library crowded with students cramming for finals. All the tables were taken, but that gave her the perfect excuse to ask for a seat next to said acquaintance, Peter. They spent the next four hours, originally designated for studying, getting to know each other in hushed library whispers. They found themselves conveniently needing to “study” at the same time and place each day, and all the more conveniently “bumping into each other.”

Library dates turned into attending church together, coffee dates, hometown visits and eventually a simple note on the windshield of Lora’s SUV. After Lora left the classroom she was student teaching at, she found a note directing her to go to the library where they had first met. A second note there told her to go to the “big white church” across the street where they both attended.

Lora opened the big double doors (the same ones which will open in August to reveal Peter’s bride in her white gown) and saw her man standing at the end of the aisle (the same aisle she’ll soon walk down to meet her groom). He dropped to a knee and asked her to be his forever, and without hesitation, she said yes to the cute boy from the library, as he slipped her dream ring on her finger and hugged his future wife so tight, he lifted her off the ground.

Some Shots


During my trip, we began in their hometown at the arboretum where, while dating, they had taken many long walks together.

We made our way through the streets of West Palm Beach and all the way they hung out in libraries, went to church, and cuddled up in coffee shops.

It was a real pleasure meeting them and take great photos.